Destilería Ventura made history in 2021 by becoming the first formal distillery in the eastern part of El Salvador, complying with all the permits established by law, and also the first to distill a luxury-style bourbon whiskey, among others. Everything was born from a visionary and persevering man who always aimed to distill the finest alcoholic beverages.

The Beginning


From a very young age, Antonio Ventura was involved in the world of distillation because it was very common in the Morazán department for people to engage in this craft, and he had many experienced friends who dedicated themselves to it. He would always go out to visit them in the afternoons to help with the manufacturing process, where he learned a lot and received many pieces of advice on this art. However, he always thought about ways to improve the product because for him there was always room for improvement. Over the years, he learned more and more about the business, and at the age of 31, he decided to start making his own whiskey, based on all the advice he had received and his own ideas. On September 20, 1980, he created the formulas that gave life to Ventura Distillery in a small and humble ranch located on the outskirts of the municipality of Delicias de Concepción, where he had built his first factory.


War in El Salvador

In 1985, El Salvador was going through the most difficult times caused by a civil war that began in 1979. This made the commercialization of alcoholic beverages and the purchase of raw materials very difficult, which is why the distillery temporarily closed just five years after it had been built.



As the civil war progressed, El Salvador was left with significant economic problems, and many families had to migrate to the United States in search of a better life. Antonio and his wife also had to leave the country.


When the armed conflict ended, it brought peace and new opportunities. After a few years, Antonio returned to El Salvador with high hopes of reopening and getting his distillery up and running again. Considering that it was a great challenge to start over, he always had confidence in himself and his product.



The artisanal way of distilling these beverages involves boiling the fermentation in a still with a wood fire. One afternoon, due to an oversight at the end of the workday, a fire broke out that reduced the entire factory to ashes.



The fire destroyed everything in its path, except for Antonio's dreams. He remembered all the obstacles he had overcome throughout his life and never gave up. That's why he made the decision to pursue his dreams once again.


New Beginning

Over the years, and with great effort, the distillery grew once again, and the product gained recognition for its good quality. One night, while gathered with his family watching television, Antonio said, “I would like more people to enjoy my product, to be able to show off their bottles while having good times.” The next day, together with his children, he took the initiative to research how to elevate the business to a nationally and internationally recognized company, and they began a long series of permit applications.


Destilería Ventura in Mourning

On September 20, 2019, the factory was celebrating 39 years since its foundation, but on that same day, its creator said goodbye to this world at the age of 69. Antonio Ventura passed away due to health complications and was unable to see the completion of the company's evolution. Before passing away, his children promised to take his dream of the best distillery very far.


The First of the East

The company was left in the hands of Elmer Ventura, Rene Ventura, and Erik Ventura, who worked to comply with all the required permits. Along the way, they faced many obstacles and made mistakes, but they always fondly remembered their father's advice and the perseverance that always characterized him, which motivated them to keep going. After much work, in 2021, Ventura Distillery became the first in the eastern zone. The story continues to be written, and the entire team will keep working to offer the world a high-quality product.


The Whiskey of the New Generations

On September 7, 2022, El Salvador was celebrating its first anniversary of Bitcoin as legal tender, and Ventura Distillery, to celebrate, organized the country's first online auction of alcoholic beverages. They launched a limited edition of only 100 bottles of Lux Generación Añejo, unique in the world, and it was a success. The story continues to be written, and the entire team keeps working to offer the world a high-quality product.


Innovation and Tradition

El 29 de septiembre de 2022, en el primer Festival de Arte y Diseño de El Salvador, Destilería Ventura fue galardonada con el primer lugar en la categoría de Innovación. marcando uno de varios éxitos celebrados por la empresa a lo largo de ese año. El año 2023 comenzó con un aire de optimismo y esperanza para Destilería Ventura. La empresa, que ya había dejado una marca permanente en la historia de El Salvador, estaba a punto de alcanzar nuevas alturas. Con una visión de fusionar la rica cultura salvadoreña con sus exquisitas bebidas, Destilería Ventura introdujo la «PRIMERA MIXOLOGIA SALVADOREÑA «. Una innovadora serie de cócteles representaba a cada uno de los 14 departamentos de El Salvador. Cada cóctel, con su sabor y presentación únicos, contaba una historia, evocando la esencia y el espíritu de cada región. Pero la innovación no se detuvo ahí. El 7 de septiembre de 2023, en conmemoración del segundo aniversario de Bitcoin como moneda oficial en El Salvador, Destilería Ventura lanzó una edición especial de aniversario. Esta edición no solo era única por su sabor y diseño, sino que también incorporaba tecnología NFC, convirtiéndose en la primera empresa en Centroamérica en hacerlo. La subasta en línea II, donde se presentó esta edición especial, fue un rotundo éxito, atrayendo a entusiastas y coleccionistas de todo el mundo. Con estos logros, Destilería Ventura no solo consolidó su posición como líder en la industria de bebidas alcohólicas en El Salvador, sino que también ganó reconocimiento a nivel nacional e internacional. Las visiones y sueños de Don Antonio Ventura, que una vez parecían lejanos, ahora estaban comenzando a materializarse. La destilería, bajo el liderazgo de los hermanos Ventura Elmer, Rene y Erik, continuó su misión de ofrecer al mundo productos de la más alta calidad, siempre con un toque de tradición e innovación. El legado de Don Antonio vive en cada botella, en cada cóctel y en cada logro de Destilería Ventura. Su espíritu de perseverancia y pasión sigue siendo la fuerza impulsora detrás de cada éxito, y su sueño de llevar la destilería a alturas inimaginables está más vivo que nunca.