Destilería Ventura made history in 2021 by becoming the first formal distillery in eastern El Salvador, complying with all the permits and registrations established by law, it was also the first to distill a Salvadoran bourbon style whiskey, among others. Everything was born from a visionary and persevering man who always maintained the goal of distilling the best alcoholic beverages.

The beginning


From a very young age Antonio Ventura was related to the world of distillation because it was always very common in the department of Morazán for people to do this work in an artisanal way and he had many friends of experience who dedicated themselves to it, he always went out to visit them in the afternoons to help with the manufacturing process where he learned a lot and received many tips of this art, but always thought about ways to improve the product because for him it could always be improved. Over the years he learned more and more about the business; when he was 31, he decided to start making his own whiskey based on all the advice and his own ideas. On September 20, 1980, he created the formulas that gave life to Destilería Ventura in a small and humble ranch located on the outskirts of the municipality of Delicias de Concepción, where he had built his first factory.


War in El Salvador

In 1985, El Salvador was going through the most difficult moments caused by a civil war that began in 1979, this made it very difficult to market alcoholic beverages and purchase raw materials, that’s why the distillery temporarily closed five years after it was built.



The end of the armed conflict brought peace and new opportunities, after a few years Antonio returned to El Salvador with many hopes of opening and operating his distillery again. Taking into account that it was a big challenge to rebuild it, but he always trusted himself and his product.


When I reach the end of the armed conflict brought peace and new opportunities, after a few years, Antonio back to El Salvador with many hopes of opening and running again, his distillery. Taking into account it was a challenge to begin again, but he always trusted in himself and his product.



The artisanal way of distilling these drinks is by boiling the fermentation in a still with a wood fire. One afternoon, because of an oversight, at the end of the working day a fire was caused that turned the entire factory into ashes.



El incendio acabó con todo a su paso, menos con los sueños de Antonio, que recordó todos los obstáculos que había superado a lo largo de su vida y nunca se rindió, por eso tomó la dedición de emprender nuevamente sus sueños.


Fresh start

Over the years and with much effort, the distillery grew again. The product was recognized for its good quality. One night while he was reunited with his family watching the TV, Antonio told them "I would like more people to enjoy my product, that they can show off their bottles while they have a good time". The next day, together with his children, they took the initiative of researching to bring this business to the level of a nationally and internationally recognized company and they began with a long series of permits.


Ventura Distillery in Mourning

On September 20, 2019, the factory was turning 39 years of its foundation, but that same day its creator said goodbye to this world at the age of 69. Antonio Ventura died of health complications and he could not see the evolution of the company completed, before his death his children promised to take his dream of the best distillery very far


The first of the east

The company was in charge of Elmer Ventura, Rene Ventura and Erik Ventura. They worked to fulfill all the required permits. Along the way, they faced many obstacles and made mistakes, but they always remembered with great affection the advice of their father and the perseverance that always characterized him, that motivated them to continue. After much work in 2021 Ventura Distillery became the first in the eastern area.


The whiskey of the new generations

On September 7, 2022, El Salvador was celebrating its first bitcoin anniversary as legal tender; and Ventura Distillery to celebrate the first online auction of alcoholic beverages in the history of the country, released a limited edition of only 100 unique bottles in the world of Lux Generation Vintage, it was a success. The story continues to be written and the whole team continues to work to offer the world a high-quality product.

Lux Generación is the first bourbon style whiskey made in El Salvador, distilled from corn, natural cane sugars and aged in oak barrels at a height of approximately 589 meters in the Cacahuatique hill located in Morazán.